10 November 2007

Close 'til the New Year

Dear Kind Patrons,

It is with regret that I have to announce that Table d'Hôte will be closed 'til the New Year. Sadly, this seems to be an annual tradition of sorts as I did a similar thing around this year last year. Once again, while I want to provide fresh reading fare regularly to my faithful customers, my supply and time are down to provide such quality and service that I know you deserve—I went back to graduate school in the Fall and it is "eating" my time. I will return in the New Year with new products that will hopefully serve you better, but 'til then thank you patronage and patience.

Blue Plate

P.S. Just so you know I'm still eating, here are selected pictures from my meals in the past two months—made by me or cooked by others, but everything I ate.


Anonymous Julie said...

Happy New Year! Hope all is well. Looking forward to your return.

1/09/2008 12:46 PM  

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