24 September 2007

Fig Salad Redo

My fondness for figs is no secret. But I was turned onto their pairing with cheese and cured meat at Fraîche in Culver City where they do an appetizer of fresh figs, burrata, and speck. Above is my version with prosciutto.

Jamie Oliver has a similar fig salad, but with fresh mozzarella—which he calls the "easiest, sexiest salad in the world". I like to use his plating style of weaving the meat around the figs, as well as scoring the figs in his fashion, sectioning them, but slicing through them.

Sometimes I add a bed of arugula when I want to give the salad more mass, as when I made it for a casual patio party at S. and D.'s pad. Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar; and sprinkle salt, black pepper, and basil; and you're good to go. Other times I do without the extra greens, as when I made a single serving for myself last week.

But regardless of how you do it up, you can't go wrong with fresh figs--they're a fabulous fruit.

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Blogger Andreea said...

oh this looks SO delicious. so simple but stunning.
btw, i have recently changed url so the link to glorious recipes is now to glorious food and wine/ www.onfoodandwine.com.
sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

9/24/2007 1:58 AM  
Anonymous unhipla said...

Wow, these salads look so great! so when should i come over next?

9/25/2007 2:03 AM  
Anonymous Paz said...

This does look delicious!. Very nice!


10/08/2007 9:02 AM  

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