04 August 2007

Red Mango Instead of Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt joints are popping up all over place in Los Angeles, the most ubiquitous being Pinkberry, but joining Pinkberry in Westwood is Red Mango, the newest fro-yo shop to hit that neighborhood. It opened last month, but I didn't get to it until last Friday when I nipped in for a frozen treat after catching No Reservations at the Mann Bruin across the street.

Now I'm not going to take sides on the frozen yogurt fight between Pinkberry and Red Mango, suffice to say that each is the other's biggest competition, but I will discuss the difference in their "original" plain frozen yogurt. Pinkberry's fro-yo has an icier consistency than Red Mango's, which is smoother in texture and richer in taste. I was hard press to distinguish it from regular, full on ice cream just from mouth feel, although its tart flavor gave it away as yogurt.

The live and let live part of me feels that there's room enough in world—and in people's stomachs—for both fro-yo chains to be around for sometime. Although I was a skeptic last year, now I thing the the frozen yogurt craze is back, revived from the 1980's, and alive and thriving in LA. And the apologist in me can comfortably say I like both on their own merits, light and refreshing Pinkberry and the richer Red Mango. But if you want to feel like you're eating ice cream without the calories then hit up Red Mango the next time you're craving something cool and creamy. And I just might there, too, doing the same, because the adult that I am should be watching all the sugar and fat I eat more than I do.

Red Mango
10942 Weyburn Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Ph: 310-464-8526

Note: More shops are coming soon to LA, the OC, and San Diego, CA, as well as Las Vegas, NV, New York City, and Washington State.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yah, we definitely have to hit RM up! i wrote this article about it:

also yr on my blogroll now.


8/13/2007 11:25 PM  

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