19 April 2007

Post MoMA Duck

With all do respect to the French and their Duck Confit, which I've enjoyed on many occasions, nobody rocks the duck like the Chinese. Peking (or Beijing) Duck rules and gets my vote for top bird everytime. Being Chinese, I will also cop to a bias when making this pronouncement, but it doesn't diminish my fondness for what is essentially a permissible way of eating profuse amounts of crispy fried animal skin—not necessarily a bad thing.

After mixing with the crushing crowd that descends on the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on Friday evenings after 4 PM when admission is free, J., C., and I hit the Midtown branch of the Peking Duck House for a late dinner.

I've never really had bad Peking Duck. The Peking Duck House kept that streak going, but what I liked most about the place was their service—not always a given in many Chinese restaurant. Once I finished one rolled, duck stuffed pancake, a waiter seemed to magically appear by the side of our table to make me another. This happened everytime until I'd eaten my fill, 'though I won't tell you how many times he materialized to make those duck wrap 'less you, dear reader, realize what I fear you might already suspect: I'm prone to piggishness.

Peking Duck House
236 East 53rd St.
New York, NY 10022
ph: 212-759-8260
28 Mott St.
New York, NY 10013
ph: 212-227-1810
www. pekingduckhousenyc.com

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