24 March 2007

Wanted Dead and Alive

I don't what it is about a certain kind of Chinese restaurant, usually the fancier one, that insists you meet your meal before they cook it. Well, I do know, actually. They want you to see their product is fresh—so fresh it’s alive. And while I have no allusions that when I eat meat, poultry, and seafood those animals were living at some point and then killed for human consumption, I don’t necessarily want to get up close and personal with what I’m going to eat 30 minutes later. I would like to be, in a way, purposefully ignorant, have the wool pull my eyes somewhat, and be deceive a little.

But then the food comes out all hot and steamy, looking gloriously tasty and most tempting, and my baser instincts take over. All to easily, I send my conscience packing as I reach for that juicy morsel without a moment of remorse.

While I was in Vancouver, my generous host took a group of us to San Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant where their specialty is Alaska King Crab prepared in a wonderfully light and lovely garlicky sauce. The crab legs are steamed and bathed in a clear broth infused and imbue with loads of fresh, sweet garlic.

The table encouraged the before and after shots. So not only am I guilty, I also have proof of my disgrace. But, oh, what a delicious shame it was!

Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant
Vancouver: 3888 Main St., B.C. Canada
1-866-872-8822 (toll free)
Richmond: 102, 4940 No. 3 Rd., B.C. Canada
1-866-683-8208 (toll free)

Note: I ate at the Vancouver location twice, both times were excellent. I can also recommend their fried squab and fried mantou (bread) dusted with sugar and dipped in condensed milk.

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