16 November 2006

Nook Take-out

Nook is one of the those restaurants I don't go to enough. I'm reminded of this every time I eat there. I really enjoy their simply elegant, well-prepared dishes offered at a reasonable prices—Nook is just a good value, and what girl doesn't like a good deal, food or otherwise.

But now, I don't need to be at Nook to have their food; I can take it out, instead. While I've always known they have this option, I've not exercised it, because I doubted their quality food would travel well—I know better, now. I was proven wrong when I didn't feel like cooking dinner after a long day at work and wanted to treat myself to good food, but eat in the comfort of home.

I called in my order: Arctic Char with roasted fingerling potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and black-eyed peas, and key lime pie for desert. Everything was waiting for me when I walked in to pay. Once home, I didn't waste a beat plating the food. Even before I took a bit, I was excited by all the colors concentrated in one place. The inky purple potatoes, silky yellow sauce, and pale pink fish were popping off my white plate.

The Arctic Char was a first for me and I found the fish to be mild tasting with a rich, soft texture. It was similar to salmon in look and mouth taste and feel, although its flesh seemed slightly fattier. It was cooked to perfection, as were the roasted potatoes, which were firm without being tough. The tomato, red onion, black-eyed pea salsa gave the otherwise mellow dish a pleasant flavor contrast. Although the peas were on the hard and crunchy side, the tomatoes were sweet and the onions, sharp. Overall, it was a light, fresh tasting dish. I was satiated eating it all without feeling stuffed.

Dessert was an individually made key lime pie with macerated blueberry sauce and whipped cream. The pie was certainly tart, a nice palate cleanser, but made a little too sweet for my taste. The whipped cream and blueberry sauce were necessary with each bit to soften the sugary lime and smooth out the sour pucker. Not great, but it was good enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Nook encourages their meals to go by giving a discount on all the food that's ordered out. Even more reason to get their take-out—a nice meal and a little money saved.

Nook Neighborhood Bistro
11628 Santa Monica Blvd., #9
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 207 - 5160

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Anonymous paz said...

My kind of meal! Yum!


11/21/2006 7:15 PM  

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