11 October 2006

Pre-show Pasta

I have a theater subscription; and while I enjoy seeing a good play, it's also an excuse—as if I need one—to try out different restaurants before a show. My most recent pre-theater meal was at the Pitfire Pizza Co. where I had a satisfying plate of pasta, chicken and wild mushroom linguini.

The pasta gets kudos from me for being well-made and well priced. I'm usually wary of any pasta prepared with cream for fear the sauce is like oily glue that sticks to the noodles—I've been scared by bad cream sauces and there's such a thing as too much cream in my book. But, I had no cause for concern with this dish. The cream was applied with a light hand and merely finished the dish, rounding off the fresh flavors of the chicken, mushrooms, and green onions, as opposed the drowning everything in fat. And $ 9 dollars is a good deal for a plate of pasta in LA, especially when fancier Italian restaurants start their pasta prices in the mid-teens.

Like its name says, Pitfire Pizza Co. also has pizzas, so a repeat performance might be in order for me to try one—another pre-show meal before my next play. In this critic's opinioon, the place is worthy of encore.

P.S. I can also recommend the play I saw that night—Doubt by John Patrick Shanley, starring Cherry Jones.

Pitfire Pizza Co.
108 W. 2nd St. at Main
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Also a location in Hollywood

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