10 October 2006

Ramen to the Rescue

The other day I ran out of foodstuff in my fridge, and not wanting to grocery shop on an empty stomach, I gather 2 co-workers for an impromptu dinner before my habitual late night run on the supermarket. Deciding what and where to eat was a bit of negotiation, but fortunately there was a reasonable ramen place we could all get behind—who doesn't like noodle soup in a bowl big enough to drown in for under $ 8 dollars?

Ramenya has a type of ramen for all tastes, ranging from the traditional ramen with roast pork to their take on Thai tom yum soup—both of which I've tried on different occasions. But this night I wanted soup with substance, so I order #37 on menu, i.e. spicy egg drop soup with ramen.

The thick soup hovered above the ramen like a pool of soft custard—minus the milk and sugar, of course. I filled up on soup—a meal unto itself—before I got down to the noodles, which had a springy texture that held up well against the heavy broth. It was a most hearty meal. I ended up taking more than half of it home where it fed me 2 more times.

11555 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(310) 575-9337

Note: It's cash only.

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Anonymous Julie said...

There is little that satisfies the way noodle soup does.

10/11/2006 12:07 PM  
Blogger Blue Plate said...

true. : ) b p

10/11/2006 6:05 PM  

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