07 September 2006

Must Eat Before You Die

I was tagged by Jasmine from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict for a food list started by Melissa of The Traveler's Lunchbox5 Things to Eat Before You Die.

1. Tree-ripe Peach

If you haven't picked a peach, gently wrapped your fingers around its fuzzy skin and felt its soft, sweet flesh yield as you twisted it from its stem, then get thee to an orchard. For full effect, eat the peach immediately, taking big bites 'til its juice gribbles down your chin—it's the taste of summer and the essence of sunshine.

2. Fresh-pressed Apple Cider

Ideally, it should be pressed before your eyes. Any farm on the East Coast (United States) worth its salt will be making it, on-site, in the Fall. And if you see them giving hayrides, then jump on the wagon as an added bonus to celebrate Autumn.

3. Hainanese Chicken Rice

If you're ever in Singapore, try the chicken rice—it's like their national dish. Every Singaporean will have an opinion on where to get the best chicken rice, tap someone on the shoulder and ask for a recommendation.

4. Steamed Maryland Blue Crab

I'm still a Maryland girl at heart, so I must put Blue Crabs on my list. To do it right, get a bushel of steamed crab and gather some friends around a picnic table; dump the crabs in the middle, sit down and pick away on a lazy summer afternoon. Or go to a crab shack on the Eastern Shore (Maryland) if you don't want to do the cooking and clean up yourself.

5. Mangosteen
Mangosteens are plentiful in South East Asia, but impossible to come by anywhere else, as they don't transport well. Its delicate white flesh is as sweet as nectar.

I would like to ask Stevi from Bread and Butter and Farmgirl from Farmgirl Fare to participate; and anyone else who's reading this and wants to put up their 5 picks feel free—consider yourself tagged.

Otherwise, I think this "food project" has made the rounds.


Anonymous Jasmine said...

Great list!

Here's a surprise: I found mangosteens in my local grocery store last night...you can imagine how surprised I was...



9/08/2006 7:22 AM  
Blogger Stevi said...

thanks for the tag, it's fun! :)

9/08/2006 9:54 AM  
Blogger Blue Plate said...

Hi Jasmine,

Re: Mangosteens

Cool. I haven't seen them in my local supermarket, yet. But I hear growers are trying to culivate the fruit here in California.

If you ever try one, let me know if it lived up to my hype.

:)b p

9/08/2006 12:28 PM  
Blogger eatdrinknbmerry said...

Hi BluePlate, I like your third choice. Hainan Chicken rice is definitely a good dish. If you're ever in Alhambra, there's a place that serves good Hainan Chicken, it's called Savoy on Valley Blvd. Not sure how different Singaporean style is from the Chinese version.

9/13/2006 11:07 AM  
Blogger Blue Plate said...

hi eatdrinknbmerry,

thanks for the reminder about savoy. it's been quite a while since i've had their chicken rice, but it's my go to place in la for the dish.

and now that i'm think about it, i think i feel a craving coming on....

:) b p

9/13/2006 3:31 PM  
Anonymous Julie said...

I agree completely about the blue crabs -- both that they belong on the list and the proper way to eat them.

9/26/2006 11:12 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

go the mangosteen!

9/27/2006 3:14 AM  
Blogger Blue Plate said...

welcome julie,

true. maryland blue crabs rule!

: ) blue plate

9/30/2006 10:34 PM  
Blogger Blue Plate said...

welcome anna,

mangosteens are great. i'm still waiting for them to arrive in the u.s., if they ever will.

: ) blue plate

9/30/2006 10:36 PM  

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