14 July 2006

Sushi Fix at Sushi Gen

I had afternoon meetings in Little Tokyo on Friday. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to eat there too, I nipped over early for a quick lunch. The noonday sun was beating down as I hopped in my car and hit the freeway on a mission to score me some raw fish. For the past week, I've been jonzing for sushi—hot weather will do that to me. When the temperature rises, my palate cools and I crave raw food.

I go to Little Tokyo a fair amount—at least every other month for some reason or another—and I though I knew my way around food-wise. But the discovery of Sushi Gen proved me wrong. A friend tipped me off to the place, and as I popped pieces of sushi in my mouth like candy, I kicked myself for not getting hooked up there sooner.

Salmon and Yellowtail are my sushi of choice—I can't eat sushi without them—and at Sushi Gen, they were quick hits of fatty pleasure that left me wanting more. The Albacore was also very good—better than most I've eated elsewhere. That gave me the confidence to try the Spanish mackerel which I'm even pickier about—it scored with me, too.

Sushi Gen was a tasty trip—I rode a sushi high as I dashed to my meetings.

Sushi Gen
422 E. 2nd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-0552


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