12 July 2006

Tending to Dinner at Tender Greens

Cool jazz wafted over my head—the speaker was above my table—as I dined alfresco at Tender Greens in Culver City. Dinner was a plate of grilled chicken, butter lettuce, and mashed potatoes—straightforward, uncomplicated food. The mashed potatoes had a smooth consistency—its creamy texture, pure comfort food. It wasn't over handled and retained its fluffiness, although my portion had a small pocket of salt that needed further mixing at the table—but I'm nitpicking here. The butter lettuce was lightly dressed in a mild Dijon vinaigrette and remained crisp through the meal. An herb rub seasoned the chicken, but the taste was only skin deep and the meat, which was a bit on the dry side, could have used a stronger marinate to create more flavor.By the time I dived fork first into my lemon cupcake the jazz had acquired a world beat. I have a soft spot for lemony desserts and this cupcake took advantage of my weakness with a generous amount of lemon zest in the cake, visible to the naked eye. Its tart sweetness was a refreshing palate cleanser, rounding off a simple meal on a breezy summer evening. As I walked into the night, I carried some sweet sun with me: the Aqua Fresca I nursed to my car.P.S. My friend's Devil's Food cupcake with toffee crunch was good, too—the chocolate cake was moist to the point of melting in your mouth. I was tempted to steal more bites, but I listened to my better angel and practice temperance after a taste.

Tender Greens
9523 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 842-8300


Anonymous Judes said...

The cupckes were very tasty, but pricey. Anyone have any favorite cupcake places?

7/20/2006 12:14 PM  
Blogger Blue Plate said...

Another place in Culver City that does cupcakes is the Bluebird Bakery. It's a breakfast/lunch place—soup and sandwiches plus all-day breakfast food.

7/21/2006 12:23 AM  

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